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Epoleon NnZ (1/2 gallon)

Epoleon NnZ (1/2 gallon)

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1/2 Gallon [+$46.95]
NnZ is a non-staining fragrance-free product which can be used in carpet cleaning, pesticide, termiticides, disinfectants and other cleansers. NnZ is authorized by the USDA for use as a general cleaning agent on any surface and contains emulsifying agents which breaks up grease and oil. It is listed as a cleaning agent under "Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds." Specs pH: 4.6 - 6.8 (at 25°C) Boiling Point: 100°C Freezing Point: -1.0°C Vap. Press: Same as Water Soluble in Water: Completely Specific Gravity: 1.03±0.05 (at 25°C) Range of Molecular Wt: 50 - 800 Appearance: Transparent Amber Scent: None Applications Pesticide Odors Dead Rodent and Skunk Odors Restaurant and Household Garbage Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizing Cleansing Kitchen Grease Traps

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